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Double Favor!

Double Favor!

Check back often as our needs change we will update this list!

  • Female Garb Large and XL
  • AA Battery Powered LED Light Strings
  • L-3XL Robes
  • Cowls and Mantles
  • Black Tabards (Finished)
  • Starblend Cake Makeup (White, Black, Brown, Grey, and Purple)
  • Liquid Latex
  • Spirit Gum and Spirit Gum Remover
  • Makeup Sponges

For information about Favor and other items needed see the Favor link under our Out of Game Menu.  If you have any questions about creation or donation of these items please contact staff (contact information available under our Main Menu).  



Vendors PDF Print E-mail

Find yourself in need of Garb, Weapons or other supplies to attend an Alliance Game?  Below are a list of links of Vandlar approved Vendors- some players and some supporters but all eager to support the Alliance and our players.

A brief introduction follows each link but please don't hesitate to contact the vendors with specific questions or requests!  Please remember that all gear brought into an Vandlar game is subject to safety inspections and there is no guarantee that any weapon, armor or item is going to pass inspection.  However working with vendors who know the Alliance system makes it unlikely items purchased will be so.  

If you have any doubts about an item please don't hesitate to contact Alliance Ohio staff or discuss it with us at an Event before you purchase any item. 

Dark Knight Armory

Dark Knight Armory is a provider of fantastic LATEX WEAPONRY which has been approved for use in the Alliance LARP Ohio Chapter as well as costuming, props and other gear essentials.  The following is our current approval list.  If you want to order something that is not listed here approval is not guaranteed but please feel free to contact staff regarding weapons. 

All "Ready for Battle" weapons are approved for use
All throwing weapons are approved for use
All daggers except for the LARP spiked dagger is approved for use. 
Most of the medium and long LARP swords are approved for use. (Avoid Narrow Tipped Weapons)
All axes, maces and hammers are approved except for the medieval war hammer.
All staffs are approved.
All LARP throwing weapons are approved.
All LARP shields are approved.

Knighthawk Armoury
Safe, gorgeous, durable foam and latex/foam LARP weapons. We have the widest selection and best values anywhere. Online Inventory. Free Shipping in most cases.

Warlords Crusade

The Warlord's Crusade is a supplier of Leather goods and accessories from Armor to weapon holders.  They have an extensive gallery of images available (featuring models from various Alliance Chapters) and a large supply of items to choose from.

Wynar's Fine Beatin' Implements

Wynar is a creator of Latex weapons and goods- he has a large gallery of projects posted but the majority of his work is commission- if you have a unique piece you need created look no further.

Latex Weaponry custom made for you!  Markus (the proprietor and craftsmen) even offers a SPECIAL DEAL FOR ALLIANCE PLAYERS MAKING A DONATION TO A CHAPTER.  Check out his page for more information about it!

In addition to weapons they create/supply Masks, Prosthetic Pieces and other costuming requirements you may need. Custom colors, custom latex, supporting another Alliance Player.