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Double Favor!

Double Favor!

Check back often as our needs change we will update this list!

  • Female Garb Large and XL
  • AA Battery Powered LED Light Strings
  • L-3XL Robes
  • Cowls and Mantles
  • Black Tabards (Finished)
  • Starblend Cake Makeup (White, Black, Brown, Grey, and Purple)
  • Liquid Latex
  • Spirit Gum and Spirit Gum Remover
  • Makeup Sponges

For information about Favor and other items needed see the Favor link under our Out of Game Menu.  If you have any questions about creation or donation of these items please contact staff (contact information available under our Main Menu).  



2009 Events PDF Print E-mail

Winter Events

In Game Winter events are held in the city of Ironton.  Camp locations will be posted by the individual dates as well as on the Homepage when finalized. 

March 6-8  

March 20-22 Work Weekend 
Not an official "event" the Work Weekends allow us to continue improving and cleaning our Summer Site in preparation for a full calender of events. 

April 17-19

“The Shadow Portal”
With recent discoveries brought to light and deals made a Portal to the Shadowlands has been opened.   As the time of the Fay arrives and the Planar boundaries are thin many within Vandlar are willing to venture through this gateway in search of adventure, treasure or knowledge. 

May 8-10

“Aftermath of Nightmares”
The effects of the magic used on Porthaven appear to have stabilized and the region no longer continues its spread into the South and East.  Despite the efforts of the Royal Army the hordes of Undead and changed creatures press upon the newly fortified borders and heroes are called for to stem the flood. 


Summer Events

In Game Summer Events take place in the Research Center of Zarden.  

June 19-22 (Long Weekend) 

"Summer of Blood"
"As the heat of summer rises, so does the power of the Sanguine Order. Can The Crimson Dawn be stopped, or will Desmond forever be lost? Will the town of Zarden continue to drown in blood?"

July 10-12


August 14-16


September 4-7 (Long Weekend)

October 30-November 1

Events were all held at:

Lewis Arboretum
65500 Girl Scout Rd
St Clairsville, OH 43950

Lewis Arboretum has a full kitchen and two heated cabins (as well as several which are not heated and not insulated).  If you plan on attending this event (as a PC or NPC) please make sure to bring a lot of warm clothing and bedding.  Wall hangings and tapestries can be used to help insulate individual cabins if you choose to sleep that way.  There is running water as well as a full bathroom with showers at this site.  For those who've attending Alliance Ohio events before this is our normal SUMMER SITE.


Our 2010 Schedule will be posted as soon as it is finalized including the Great January Event as well as the Alliance LARP National Event to be held during the summer! Check back to our website and the Alliance LARP homepage/forums ( for more information as it is revealed to our players!



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