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Double Favor!

Double Favor!

Check back often as our needs change we will update this list!

  • Female Garb Large and XL
  • AA Battery Powered LED Light Strings
  • L-3XL Robes
  • Cowls and Mantles
  • Black Tabards (Finished)
  • Starblend Cake Makeup (White, Black, Brown, Grey, and Purple)
  • Liquid Latex
  • Spirit Gum and Spirit Gum Remover
  • Makeup Sponges

For information about Favor and other items needed see the Favor link under our Out of Game Menu.  If you have any questions about creation or donation of these items please contact staff (contact information available under our Main Menu).  



Graveyard PDF Print E-mail
The Graveyard of Vandlar
Hail to those noble Heroes who have fallen in battle in defense of the Kingdom, the people or their friends.  Forever shall we remember your names and may legends of your deeds be told for centuries.  
 Ragnar Foxfire
Ragnar was a fierce defender of the deserving and a loyal friend to many.  Few details reached Vandlar concerning the death of Ragnar.  What is known is that he fell in battle fighting a powerful undead creature while saving the lives of many less experienced adventurers.  
Ragnar's Spirit Farewell was held in the lands of Icenia where he spent much of his youth and adventuring career and was attended by many who honor this dwarven hero.
Parduc Parduc Neg'rie
Admiral Parduc Neg'rie was a capable captain and sailor, leader of a large contingent of Gorbe (as the Harroo of other lands are often called).  Parduc was a strong and fierce warrior who fell in battle near Ironton during the third moon of the year 609 just before the Nightmare Lands were born.  
More information forethecoming. 
Jealin of the Clan Soliere was lost to her friends and Kin during the summer of 609 in the magical lab of Zarden. While exploring the abandoned lair of the Dragon Mage a magical puzzle was discovered which dropped two of her family's friends into a pit of violent and powerful constructs.  Unthinking of her own safety Jaelin followed with others into the room where they were all slain by the unliving guardians.  Those few who remained outside of the pit were able to retrieve the corpses of many of the fallen and apply Life magic however as they reached for Jaelin her body disappated to the Earth Circle.  During her resurrection Jaelins' fragile spirit shattered and her form reappeared in the pit. 
In anguish the remaining heroes destroyed the creatures of the pit and retrieved a vital piece of the magical puzzle centering around the Living Constructs of Zarden. It is certain that the death of Jaelin will factor into future dealings with these creatures.