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Double Favor!

Double Favor!

Check back often as our needs change we will update this list!

  • Female Garb Large and XL
  • AA Battery Powered LED Light Strings
  • L-3XL Robes
  • Cowls and Mantles
  • Black Tabards (Finished)
  • Starblend Cake Makeup (White, Black, Brown, Grey, and Purple)
  • Liquid Latex
  • Spirit Gum and Spirit Gum Remover
  • Makeup Sponges

For information about Favor and other items needed see the Favor link under our Out of Game Menu.  If you have any questions about creation or donation of these items please contact staff (contact information available under our Main Menu).  



A Typical Event PDF Print E-mail

An event in Vandlar begins with logistics on the first night and, as soon as you go In Game the action and role play is non-stop until the game is called.  For a typical event this means arriving on site Friday night and waking up Sunday from a fast-paced weekend of plot, monsters and adventure.

New Players

New to Vandlar or LARP in general?  Below is a brief description for what you can expect at a Vandlar LARP event.  One thing to keep in mind is that everyone, regardless of their level or character, started out as a new player at one time.  Never be afraid to ask questions- as a PC or an NPC- any member of Alliance Ohio will gladly answer them for you or point you to someone who can answer your questions.  This is the single most important thing for new players to remember: we've all been the new guy as well and we're all willing to answer questions and help you feel more comfortable with our game and the rules. 

Vandlar LARP is a game and intended to be fun for everyone who attends our events. It is also a game of rules where every action has a consequence or benefit attached to it.  Learning the game, and the rules, helps you make the correct decisions for your character (and older players are always full of advice if you ask!).

If you need costuming, weapons, gear or advice on what character, race or class you may want to play ask around- we have players who sew, work with leather, make chainmail and everyone can give you advice about races, classes or who else you may want to talk to about specific questions.  NPCing your first event is a great way to make contacts for information and gear or contact someone either by dropping staff an Email (check out the Contact Info page under the Main Menu) or by posting on our Vandlar Forums


All players in Vandlar LARP Ohio MUST sign a Legal Release to attend our events.  Players under the age of 18 MUST have a parental signed release upon attending the event.  Non-minor players may request and sign their release at Logistics.  For Event Specific information see the Event Information page which has links to the Event Dates, location of our events and Costs associated with Vandlar LARP Ohio.  

PCing an Event (Player Characters)

When you arrive at an event to PC the first thing you'll want to do is drop off your gear where you intend to sleep.  When you walk in ask anyone where the Logistics/Staff are stationed and, if you don't know where you'll be staying, event staff (or more experienced players) will gladly show you around and help you get settled.  Once you drop off your gear come back to the Logistics setup- usually held in the "Tavern" area of the game.   Logistics is the place where you receive your character card (which lists your skills) and your skill tags (which represent your skills available for the game day).  Logistics is held each day of an event to give you new tags for skills you've used- usually at 6pm each day though Staff will announce it. 

Once you've gone through Logistics Staff will have a "PC Speech" and introduce all of the Rules Marshals (who can help interpret rules and make rulings on the field in the case of conflict), Staff members as well as areas which player may need to know about on the campsite (for instance, boundaries or areas that are to be avoided).  After the speech Staff will tell everyone when Game On will be- usually within a half an hour- and everyone gets into costume (if they haven't already) and gets into character.  As soon as the Game On time hits everyone is In Game and monsters, plot, magic and adventure flood the world. 


NPCing an Event (Non Player Characters)

NPCs experience the event slightly different from the PC experience. NPCs come to Events and should immediately seek out the NPC Shack.  If you're new and haven't played in Vandlar ask any player or character you see where Staff is or where NPC shack is located and they will gladly help you.  Once you've put down your gear look for a member of Staff and let them know you've arrived and they'll give you all the instruction from there.  NPCing an event gives many benefits PCing does not. You receive more experience on a character than if you'd PC'd that event. You also get the benefit of being able to choose an NPC reward (which you purchase with Favor Points) if you want.

NPCs play many different roles throughout a weekend.  They fill in the roles of monsters, adventurers, townsfolk and anything else that the Plot staff needs to tell the story for the PCs to interact with.  NPCing is a great way to be introduced to all of the rules, races, classes and role playing of vandlar and you're surrounded by Staff and experience players who can help answer questions and give advice on any of those topics.  


The Rules, Marshals, Staff and Plot

The Vandlar Larp rulebook is essential for players.  It contains not only the skills and spells available to you (and which you will need to know in case someone uses them ON you) but also sections on role playing, advice, weapon construction and everything you need to know to be a successful player.  While there are always many rulebooks on site- both brought by players and staff members alike for reference- we may not have any available to give away. Please feel free to download and print off your own.

Events are run by Staff and Plot.  "Plot" refers to the writers who create the stories and scenarios players encounter over the course of the weekend.  Plot in Vandlar LARP is dynamic and completely affected by the actions of the PCs (Player Characters) from one event to the next.   Plot can consist of epic legends which take years to solve, short modules which are over within a few minutes and anything in between.  Characters generate their own plot (called "personal plot") by their actions both In Game and submitted as Between Event Submissions (which allows players to tell us what their characters are doing BETWEEN event days).  Sometimes the entire town is involved in a huge battle and at other times only a handful of players encounter a mysterious situation which they are forced to deal with on their own.  "Paper Mods" are a feature of Vandlar LARP, usually announced by staff, where sheets of paper are hidden in the woods or around our campsites for PCs to go off in small groups and explore.  Some are optional and some, when you stumble upon them, require you to immediately come to the NPC shack and encounter a monster, situation or effect.  Paper Mod information is given out at the PC Speech before each event- if you have questions about them feel free to ask any Staff member.

Staff refers to any Staff Member of Vandlar LARP.  Many of our Staff positions involve Plot writing while some do not however at any time during an event you can find any member of staff for information or help.  Plot-specific questions should be addressed to the Plot team for that event (which will be announced at the PC speech and varies only by season). If you have any trouble, issues or questions please do not hesitate to find any member of Alliance Ohio Staff to assist you or direct you to the Staff member who can answer you definitively.  Vandlar LARP takes the safety, enjoyment and participation of our Players very seriously and our Staff are there to ensure these things for you. 

Marshals are special players who are not necessarily on Staff who have taken a special test regarding the Vandlar LARP Rules and, having passed, been given the power to make rules adjudications and rulings on the field.  Marshals exist so that when a question is encountered an answer can be given immediately to continue the story and Plot.  The Ruling of a Marshal on the field always stands- if you feel a judgment was made in error then you can approach any member of Staff AFTER the immediate concerns are done or after the event to be directed to the proper Staff members for adjudication. Marshals are also ALWAYS required when you are performing a Ritual (Ritual Marshals) and doing many rogue or theft scenarios (Rogue Marshals).  If you are going to enter another players cabin or personal space you MUST have a Rogue Marshal on hand who can ensure that only In Game items are manipulated while there.  More information about the role of Marshals, as well as specific information about Ritual and Rogue Marshals, is available in the Vandlar LARP Rulebook.

 In Game, Out of Game and Paging (age limits)

While playing at a Vandlar LARP event you will often hear these terms.  "In Game" refers to any action, statement or activity performed by your CHARACTER.  In general Vandlar LARP  encourages players to stay In Game as much as possible.  Characters can go "out of game" in many ways but it is always shown by wearing a WHITE HEADBAND.  If you see another player or NPC wearing a white headband it is as if they are not there- you should not react to them and should not "hear" them unless they are performing specific plot functions.  

Going OOG (Out of Game):
Characters can go OOG for many reasons.  Many players, when they first wake up or are retiring for the night, go OOG (with the Headband) to utilize the showers and bathrooms.  The bathroom areas are always OOG and this means that you cannot use them while playing to hide from monsters or Plot and cannot perform game actions within them.  Characters can also go OOG if they are traveling In Game- trips taking longer than a few minutes are often represented by an OOG time where the PC may be able to take a turn NPCing or just sit around and wait until they "arrive" at their destinations.  Many times characters who perform a theft or other "illegal" activity (IG- In Game- activity that is) try to go OOG.  This is allowed as long as you spend 30 minutes In Game performing the activity.  For instance if you steal a treasure chest from a friend and want to go Out of Game so he can't catch you by hiding in the woods you must hide in the woods, with the chest, for 30 minutes before coming to NPC shack with your white headband on.  Since a theft, and many other activities like this, requires a Rogue Marshal you can let them know your intentions so they are watching for you to arrive.  This gives the party who had their materials stolen a chance to recover their property.  If you later choose to go back In Game you can take the items with you or leave them behind- but by leaving them behind you are leaving them in the hands of Plot and may return to find them stolen, missing or something else.

Pages (and age limits)
Alliance Ohio allows players of age 14+ to attend our events.  Players who are under the age of 16, however, and those who have some medical conditions which limit their activities In Game are required to PAGE.  Paging requires the player to wear an ORANGE HEADBAND with the word PAGE clearly written across the top.  Pages are able to use any non-combat skill and gain build like regular players but cannot participate in Combat (even from a distance such as via Archery or Spells).  Pages must remain 20 feet from any active combat and can be slain by anyone who is close enough to touch them (with a weapon or hand) if they state "Page I kill you".  The Page must then immediately drop to their Bleed Out count as if they had been given a Killing Blow.

Players age 16+ can be full participants with parental permission.  Players under the age of 18 MUST have a signed parental release to be allowed to play in Vandlar LARP.  Attendance of a Parent or Guardian is also highly encouraged.  Players of any age who form a disruptive atmosphere will be asked to leave immediately and, if the player is under 18, their guardian may be asked to leave as well.  

For more information about Events, Event Dates and Costs for Vandlar Larp Ohio please click on the links below:

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