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Double Favor!

Double Favor!

Check back often as our needs change we will update this list!

  • Female Garb Large and XL
  • AA Battery Powered LED Light Strings
  • L-3XL Robes
  • Cowls and Mantles
  • Black Tabards (Finished)
  • Starblend Cake Makeup (White, Black, Brown, Grey, and Purple)
  • Liquid Latex
  • Spirit Gum and Spirit Gum Remover
  • Makeup Sponges

For information about Favor and other items needed see the Favor link under our Out of Game Menu.  If you have any questions about creation or donation of these items please contact staff (contact information available under our Main Menu).  



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Vandlar Staff

Mike Webb- Vandlar Owner
Matt Boyd- Vandlar Co-Owner
Sara Funkhouser - General Manager
TJ Wells -Head of Plot

Vandlar Rules:
Mike Webb- Rules Marshal / Ritual Marshal / Rules Committee
Matthew Boyd - Rules Marshal / Rules Committee
Rob Ames - Rules Marshal / Rules Committee
Sean Dement - Rules Marshal / Rules Committee 
Joseph Meaner - Rules Marshal / Ritual Marshal / Rules Committee 
T.J. Wells - Rules Marshal / Ritual Marshal

Vandlar Plot:
TJ Wells - Head of Plot 
Jarrod Taylor - Kingdom Plot
Mark Davidson - Wildlands Plot
Michael Webb - World Plot

Logistics and Event Staff
Sean Dement - Head of Logistics
Sara Funkhouser - Logistics, Check in

General Staff:

Michael Webb - Web Master (Currently looking for someone to fill the role)
Joseph Meaner - Message Boards Admin

Contacting Vandlar

Players and visitors who REGISTER for the Vandlar LARP site can access the Contact Forms menu (which will appear beneath the User Menu) which gives access to the Logistics Contact, Between Event Submission and Feedback Forms.  These Forms take the work out of contacting staff- filling out a form and submitting it guarantees your information goes quickly and easily to the correct members of Staff.

Administration and Chapter Info:
Questions about Alliance Ohio or to arrange donations please contact our GM at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it