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Double Favor!

Double Favor!

Check back often as our needs change we will update this list!

  • Female Garb Large and XL
  • AA Battery Powered LED Light Strings
  • L-3XL Robes
  • Cowls and Mantles
  • Black Tabards (Finished)
  • Starblend Cake Makeup (White, Black, Brown, Grey, and Purple)
  • Liquid Latex
  • Spirit Gum and Spirit Gum Remover
  • Makeup Sponges

For information about Favor and other items needed see the Favor link under our Out of Game Menu.  If you have any questions about creation or donation of these items please contact staff (contact information available under our Main Menu).  



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Tree Horoscopes

In the days of the Elves and the E'reiledar the diviners of Vandlar foretold the futures of their kind by studying the seasons and the Forests in which all living creatures resided.  In time the forests retreated, fallen by age or war, though the traditions of the diviners remain and some still practice this ancient art of fortune telling.

Your Tree Sign is an ancient symbol. For a larger version of the Tree Sign chart click the "Tree Birth Signs" link below to see which Sign guides your fate (the movie will then open in a new window).

Tree Horoscopes

 Illikanean (September) 612

Jan – You will find danger in unexpected places, rarely is the day more dangerous then the night but this may prove the opposite this month.

Feb –  Watch for a man in a green cloak, he may have the answers you have been looking for.

Mar –  A long lost friend will return to you, be weary for they may bring trouble with them.


Apr –  Choose your words carefully for they may be misunderstood.

May –  Try new and exciting things, for this is your lucky month!

Jun –    The crow brings death.  Leave any area they are present right away or face the chance of meeting death.   

Jul –   Do not offer advice this month for your words will bring trouble to all who listen.

Aug –  This will be a month of great gain.  You will find something that you have been looking.

Sep –  You will find an answer to something someone else is looking for.  Do not hold this informaiton from them or you may cause harm to someone you didn't even know was involved.

Oct –  Avoid being too close to ritual magics being preformed, for you will cause them to fail with your negative energy.

Nov –  The shadows are the safest place for you, stick to them and you will not fail. 

Dec – You will save the life of at least one person who does not derseve it.

 Tree Birth Signs Link