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Double Favor!

Double Favor!

Check back often as our needs change we will update this list!

  • Female Garb Large and XL
  • AA Battery Powered LED Light Strings
  • L-3XL Robes
  • Cowls and Mantles
  • Black Tabards (Finished)
  • Starblend Cake Makeup (White, Black, Brown, Grey, and Purple)
  • Liquid Latex
  • Spirit Gum and Spirit Gum Remover
  • Makeup Sponges

For information about Favor and other items needed see the Favor link under our Out of Game Menu.  If you have any questions about creation or donation of these items please contact staff (contact information available under our Main Menu).  



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A Time Line of Recorded History: A Brief Introduction

Below follows a brief introduction to the History of Vandlar as recorded by those settlers who would go on to form the mighty Kingdom of Vandlar.  While the History of the world extends for untold centuries before this arrival for the purposes of the Royal Archives and this brief introduction we begin with the first large wave of settlers who stepped from the Mists.  More information can be found within several notable treatises on History.

338 – First documented travelers step out of the mists onto the new lands.  Exploration begins


341- First large settlement is made under leadership of Kerlon Varstus a wealthy merchant who funded the expedition to the new Lands when he heard stories of rich deposits of gold in the area. The settlement was prematurely named Richland.


345 – Large deposits of gold were found exactly where stories reported.  The settlement of Richland lives up to its name.


351 – Barbarian Tribes are sighted near the settlement, no communication was been attempted.


354 – Chief Redgaur Strongaxe of the Barbarian Tribe of the Oxen enters the settlement warning that the settlement of Richland is built on his lands.  He tells Kerlon that they may stay, but they are not permitted to move any further into the lands.  Kerlon agrees to this, but knows it is nothing more then an empty promise.


365 – The population of Richland grows so large they have no choice but to expand. The town is divided into 3 groups, 2 of which set off to build new settlements and look for new deposits of gold.


369 – The settlements of Edgar’s Grove and Porthaven are created to support the fast growing population. 


370 - Chief Redgaur returns to Richland with a small army of Barbarians claiming that his demands had not been followed and that Kerlon had 3 months to take all of his people back through the mists or meet destruction.  Kerlon did not follow this command.  Instead he ordered all of the settlers back to Richland, and when Redgaur returned the Barbarians were slaughtered.


400 – The town of Ironton is created when large deposits of Iron are discovered near the mountains.


404 - Breg son of Forgeth, chief of the Barbarian clan of the Oxen entered Richland warning that the Barbarians would have revenge for the slaughter of their people.  He declared that the oxen would return in 2 months to settle things in a final manner.  Kerlon sent runners to the other towns to request back up forces but it was a worthless attempt.  The Barbarians had deceived them.  That very night while the town was mostly in bed the Barbarians attacked completely destroying the town.  Very few people made it out alive.  As the armies of Porthaven, and Ironton arrived at Richland they realized their error.  They had left their towns defenseless.  In one wave of anger Richland, Porthaven, Ironton and Edgar’s grove were wiped off the map. Over 3 thousand people were killed by a much smaller band of men bent on revenge.  Kerlon underestimated the group of wild men and it cost him his life as well as the lives of many others.


405 – 412 - The remaining people of all 4 towns banded together and retreated to the mountains.  Small groups of people would slip into the mines of Ironton to retrieve metals that had already been mined but not stored in the warehouses.  Under the instruction of Torin Cadvan a small town was made, forges were built and plans were laid out as to how the 2800 remaining people would recover their towns.


413 – Torin led his people to a large field where he believed they would have the best chance at winning the Upcoming battle.  The grass was burnt completely away so that they could have a clear view of the approaching barbarians.  Holes were dug all over the field which were covered up after large spikes were placed into them. Fortifications were built and the trees surrounding the field were covered in a crude oil.  When the barbarians arrived the trees were set aflame trapping the wild men in.  A large battle ensued lasting many days.  The Barbarians were at a total loss, many of their forces were being totally decimated.  As a last ditch effort the chief ordered the use of Necromancy.  The shamans of the tribe began animating the dead and sending them at the townsfolk.  As one wild man would fall he would again rise at the command of the evil magic, but the undead were no match for the healers of Torin’s army.  After many days of battle the townsfolk won through.  As the last of the barbarians fled the field the cheers of the people could be heard for miles around. It is not known why, but the battle field has never healed from this encounter.    


414 – Rebuilding of the tows of Porthaven and Ironton began under an alliance of men and women led by Torin Cadvan.  Dwarves from the western mountains emerged and offered to help in the reconstruction.


416 – The town of Embrook was formed.


419 – Treaty signed with the dwarves.  As a show of good faith the town of Ironton was given to them. The Dwarves accepted this gift and in exchange they provided finely crafted weapons and armor for the Alliance.


441 – A large Earthquake befell Vandlar causing a chasm to open in the north allowing the monsters of the deep world access to the surface. This became a problem for the towns of Ironton and Porthaven as they were fairly close to the site. Creatures that most have only heard of in legend poured out of the chasm and reeked havoc among the north western towns.


445 – The military town of Earths Scar was formed to battle the threats pouring out of the chasm. A large group of scholars also set up camp within the fortress to try and find a way to seal the hole.


449 – Torin Dies, his son Mordacus is given charge of the Alliance.


503 – As more and more towns form and join the Alliance it is apparent that a more formal line of government is needed.  The leaders of each town meet with Mordacus in Porthaven to discuss the forming of a true Kingdom under his lead. The meetings last for several years as lands are divided and rulers are decided upon. Only a few towns opted not to join the alliance but division of the land was impossible without every town in agreement.  It was decided that instead of forcing anyone to join the kingdom the towns not in agreement would be given money and supplies to rebuild their towns outside the Kingdom on the eastern most shore. The only town not requiring movement was Zarden, a research center in the north east forests.


512 – All plans for the new Kingdom are made final.  The towns are separated into Duchies and Baronies and Mordacus is named King. For most people the change was quite minor as things continued as it normally did.  The only real differences were a few new laws and Nobles making a presence in the towns.


521 – King Mordacus dies; his son Mordacus II receives the crown.  It was a sad day in the lands of Vandlar as their founding King passed on. His fair rule left an impression on the people that would last for years to come.  His son Mordacus II proved to be just as fair a king as well as being more diplomatic.   


551 - King Mordacus’s wife gives birth to twin boys; it is a joyous day for the King as his wish of having a child to carry on the bloodline comes true.  He is now faced with the problem of naming which of the twins is to become his heir.  That evening while the King was sleeping the answer came to him in a dream; he envisions the first born with the crown, surrounded by ferries and fauns, the people of the lands cheering his name.  The next morning when he awoke he made his decision.  The first born would bear the name Mordacus III and the other Mordaki.     


552 – King Mordacus invites the Barbarian tribe of the oxen to a meeting to discuss a treaty.  Most feared that stirring old memories could prove problematic however at the conclusion of the meeting a treaty was signed and the Barbarians were permitted to set their encampments within the boundaries of the Kingdom without being considered under the rule of the Kingdom, and without permission.  In return the Barbarians would follow the Laws of the Kingdom when visiting any town under the Kings rule.


561- King Mordacus II dies; Prince Mordacus III is not yet old enough to take the crown.  Lord Feramus of Porthaven is chosen as Steward to take the role of the king until Mordacus III is old enough to take charge. 


567 - Mordacus III reaches the age of 16 and takes the crown. It is a joyous day for the Kingdom as it celebrates the crowning of its new ruler.


581 – King Mordacus III learns of his brothers plans to kill him and take the crown.  In a show of compassion he allows his brother to live but banishes him from the Kingdom.  Mordaki gathered his belongings and left the Kingdom quietly.  The King ordered all that knew of this incident to silence on the matter but like all things people eventually heard whispers of the event. 


601 – King Mordacus III leads an expedition through a portal to the fey realm.  It is unknown what occurred within the realm of the tricksters but when King Mordacus returned from his journey he appeared to be 20 years younger then when he entered.